How Big can I make my Print

Q: This is our number one question: How large can I make my print?

A: There is a quick way to test it yourself, if you zoom into your picture and are happy with the quality of the photo up close, you will be happy with the enlargement. A color enlargement does not get fuzzier or more grainy when it is printed larger you simply see the same image just bigger including all its pixels, flaws etc.  Basically its a stretched image, it doesn’t add empty spaces to fill in the extra space like the old time negative enlargements did.  Essentially, a little red square become a big red sqare, so a single pixel becomes a big red square, like a big pixel but solid red.

If you zoom really close on a photo in Photoshop for example and you don’t see much pixilation, then you won’t see it on the enlargement either. If you zoom into your photo and you see quite a bit of pixilation, you will see the same on the enlargement just bigger. Enlargements won’t look worse than the original, and surprisingly, may actually look better. People are often surprised at how well they turn out. We do what we can to do pixel smoothing if necessary to give you the absolute best print. Help us by sending the highest resolution image that you can. If you are scanning an image, scan it at 300 dpi (dots per inch). And if you are sending a digital image, don’t resize it send the biggest file size you have.

Note: You can upload images on this web site up 100 megabytes. We often see that a customer resizes their image to 300 dpi, thinking “if my image looks good at 72 dpi, then it will look even better at 300 dpi, or that printing companies must have images at 300 dpi.  This is simply not true.  The only time you need to increase the DPI is when you are decreasing the inch size.   WE RECOMMEND THAT YOU NOT INCREASE THE SIZE OF YOUR FILE, MAKING THE FILE SIZE BIGGER WILL NOT IMPROVE THE IMAGE QUALITY. LET US RESIZE YOUR IMAGE FOR YOU. If in question, feel free to send us your image and we will be able to tell you if we think it will enlarge well. Just put in your notes that you would like us to evaluate the photo for you.  The following chart is strictly our opinion of how large you can go, this really depends on your camera, your lens etc.  For example an 8 megapixel camera phone will not produce as sharp of an image as a 4 megapixel high end digital camera with a great lens.  Don’t be fooled by megapixels, a good lens on you camera is much more important.

We are happy to evaluate your image if you send it to us.

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