Tell us about ColorEnlargement. has been in business since 2004, serving our customers with superior quality photo enlargements on high quality luster paper, canvas, vinyl and wall mural fabric. We NEVER use inferior or cheap products for making prints.  We know and appreciate the fact that a happy customer is a repeat customer which is why we strive for excellence in our products.

Tell us a little about the owner.

Art and photography have been passions of mine for decades. I was fortunate enough to have  great art and photography teachers in high school. Their names are Floyd and Carol Hutzel of Algona, Iowa. Floyd Hutzel would often drill into the students the principle that “no matter what you do in life, be the best.” In my adult life, my personal goal has been to take those words to heart and live by them. It is the privilege of to work hard and satisfy each and every one of our customers as we seek to continue to be the best photo enlargement company online. Since those early days, I have been blessed to use my artistic skills in everyday life and now for a missionary organization that serves 13 orphanages in Africa and India, making an immediate and an eternal difference in the lives of thousands of precious children who would otherwise be without food, clothing, and education. has invited me to serve with them on numerous missions trips to Africa and India which has truly caused me to discover and develop true photography skills working with and photographing orphans. Most of my photography work is related to three missionary ministries with which I have travelled to 19 different countries including places in Africa, India, and South and Central America.

How did you get your start with ColorEnlargement?

I was a web designer and graphic artist for PepsiCo for 5 years when I was laid-off. Being 50 years old, I was pretty devastated and yet, looking back, this was probably the best thing that could have happened to me. It was a blessing in disguise. It was then that I started and purchased a couple 60” wide format printers, a scanner, laminator, and a few other needed tools and set up shop and began producing quality photo enlargements for our satisfied customers.  Our daily goal is to produce the best possible prints on the best quality paper at a reasonable price.  I think we have achieved that objective.

What does offer and/or do that sets you above your competition?

That’s a great question. Since customer service is our top priority, I believe that this gives the edge. Most of the images that we get are perfect, but I suppose the thing that separates us from the rest is that we try to make every image as good as it can be, and if that includes making adjustments to the color, saturation, hues or removing a lint mark, or something that is distracting in the image, we remove it whenever possible. One example of that is if we get a portrait and a person has a pimple, we will remove it (no one wants that in a portrait). We really do try to go that extra mile for our customers. When a customer emails us, a personal email is returned addressing the desire and goal of the customer. We are also available by telephone for our customers. Also, at we strive to deliver a rapid turn-around, delivering product within 24-48 hours of receipt of the order. All orders are mailed “priority” so that the finished product should be received within 2-3 days.

What are a few of the challenges you face in your business?

The challenge of perfecting the quality of the images sent to us by our valued customers is the challenge we gladly face with a solution-based approach. In order to deliver optimum quality product, we strive to keep a good stock of inks and papers on hand to serve our customer base with quality and prompt delivery.

How has technology and the changes in technology helped or hindered

Technology today offers the opportunity to produce the most favorable quality products. We use state-of-the-art HP printers for all prints. This technology affords us the privilege to produce clean, sharp, and beautifully colorful prints.

Do you have a specific philosophy for ColorEnlargement?

Our philosophy and desire is to ship the best possible product as fast as possible.  We have a motto that we try to stick to and that is “we do every order every day”. For the most part this has worked well for us.  Rarely do we fall behind.  In many cases we actually get the print in the mail the same day as it was ordered.  Customers love the surprise of getting their package the day after they order.  It doesn’t happen like this all of the time. It depends on where they live and the mail…oh the mail, that’s another story.

Have you always been a photographer/artist? Which came first? Business to Photos or Photos, then businesss?

I have been into art and photography since high school, but it was my experience working for large companies that afforded the opportunity to learn the business aspect of what we now do at We have 24 years experience with Photoshop which enables us to delight our customers.  That being said, I never really experienced real photography until I started taking pictures for  This is where I really discovered the talent that God has given me.

Tell us a what inspires you.

People that love God and serve others inspire me.

Do you have any tips for persons starting their own business?

Well, if I have any advice in this regard, it would be that the new business owner will without fail make their customers happy by producing the best quality product. A good reputation will follow. Never lie to a customer.  They will know and will never be able to fully trust you again.  Your word is your bond, and they understand that anyone can make a mistake.  Should you make a mistake, just admit that you made a mistake…then fix that mistake. Never let a customer go away angry. You won’t just lose that customer; you’ll lose them and all their friends. Also, don’t make shipping a profit center. Customers are very savvy when it comes to shipping and know when they are being over charged. It’s rude and comes off as a gouge. If you really need the extra $2 or $3, just add it to the cost of the product so the customer knows what they are really paying for. Finally, be passionate about the product and service you offer.

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